Industrial Innovation

The focus of the course planning is to encourage students to explore the workplace as early as possible, shape up their confidence and ability, push them to be creative and innovative continuously, and establish their foundation to set up their businesses. All the above is to connect to the characteristics of the program, “learning x life x work.”

As a result, the course of this four-year program is designed as the following:

The first year’s focus is to build students’ confidence and abilities to explore their career potential, and a correct work attitude. The program will present students with necessary tools and methods for thinking and planning so that students know the objective when exploring and taking action.

The second year’s focus is to help students further explore industries, enterprises, and products, and find out their interests and passions. During the second year, students will draft their business models and business plans, and put them into practice. Lecturers will give in-depth feedback on the problems students encounter at work to raise their awareness about identifying issues.

The third year’s focus is to polish students’ abilities to find the right tools and methods, and further develop their career plans. During the third year, the program will lay importance on case studies and practical workshops to cultivate students’ abilities to compile and integrate. Students will also have a further understanding of a real work environment from a broader viewpoint.

The fourth year’s focus is to integrate students’ abilities to use different tools and methods, and broaden their views and potential in career development. Students will have better skills to deal with complex problems through practical workshops, visits or interns at enterprises. They will also have the confidence and the mobility to carry out a project.

The four-year course design focuses on “explore and hands-on practice.” Students will be able to internalize the experiences through a careful step-by-step course design, and repetitive practices on tools, methods, and theories. The skills will then become intuitive reactions and behaviors, which will equip students with the abilities to deal with complex changes in work, industries, and market.

This program also pays considerable attention to students’ conducts, and whether they show a proactive attitude. Students’ holistic development and professionalism are both critical. We hope that students not only cultivate their professional ethics at school, but can also show their compassionate care at the same time.