About BBM

About BBM > History

The Departments of Business Administration, International Trade and Finance, Accounting and Statistics that belonged to the University’s Continuing Education programs, enjoyed a history of more than 40 years since their establishment. These four programs came to an end in 2010. The Bachelor’s Program in Business Management was then established. It has met the different standards set by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) to ensure the teaching quality.

About BBM > Teaching Concepts

In order to encourage students to discover their career interests and structure a learning process with motivation, we hafve taken the following measures.
  1. Since the program’s first year, a seminar called Industrial Innovation has been held every semester to encourage students to find an innovative opportunity for practice.
  2. In order to help students create a personalized career plan and try to be innovative at a work environment, we introduced an optional course, Innovation in Industries, and invited industry experts to be the lecturers. Students had to propose a new issue related to innovation at work, implement it, and share the results at Industrial Innovation seminar. Our first lecturer, Vincent Tseng, used to work at Philips (Taiwan) as the Strategic Officer.
  3. After four years of continuous trials and revisions, a compulsory course of Industrial Innovation was introduced in 2014. This course contains 16 credits that are spread to eight semesters with two credits for each semester. Students are encouraged to participate in their targeted workplaces as early as possible, and explore the opportunities to get involved in industry developments. Teachers will guide them to use a different specialty, both academic and practical, in each semester. The structure of this course allows students to have eight chances to revise their career plans, and experience innovative practices at eight different jobs.
  4. The fifth-year graduate students are the first group of students to finish this course. Students who submitted eight different innovative reports throughout the course demonstrated an obvious learning motivation. The choices they made for their first jobs after graduation, for their own businesses or for further study all present a notable difference. What is even more special is that some alumni took the initiative to design an alumni support platform in the hope that alumni can work with the program and the students. The contents of this support platform include sharing of knowledge and resources, and cooperation through networking.

About BBM > Characteristics

The Bachelor’s Program in Business Management is the only program of continuous education managed by the College of Management, which surpassed China, and got certified by AACSB twice. As a school that has long-term research and understanding in the social and economic development, the College of Management introduced this innovative learning program that focuses on the diversified social development, and a teaching method that is learner-centered. This program transformed the old educational way where students applied what they learned, and pioneered a learning support system that helps students learn what they need to apply at work. With the support of the four-year coaching and learning system, learners will carry with them eight results innovative practices that they accumulated at work, and a personalized career plan for their future job designs upon their graduation. They will have the ability to participate in the future innovations in the society. From this viewpoint, they will graduate with rich experiences. It does not matter what your past situation was. As long as you are willing to take the initiative to think about the future, the Bachelor’s Program in Business Management will be your best choice for breaking your limits.